Thursday, October 10, 2013

Full High Granite Backsplash Amorello Ornamental

These are before and after pictures for a fabulous kitchen we did recently! The top picture shows the before. This couple originally put in white tile counter tops, and followed the tile up the walls. For the change, they had a beautiful cream Amorello Ornamental granite (aka Giallo Ornamental) counter top put in with full high granite back splash. They also had windowsills made in the granite to tie in all the back splash.

The cabinets were in good condition, and beautiful, so they chose to keep the cabinets and just replace the tops.

I absolutely love the way it flows!!! As some additional touches, they put in a larger oven/stove combo, and put new handles on all the drawers and cupboard doors. These little additions went a long way in changing and modernizing the look of this kitchen!

This was a fun project to complete, with fun customers to work with!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Amorello Ornamental 4cm Granite

Amorello Ornamental is a soft granite color that really goes with anything. It looks absolutely beautiful in this soft toned kitchen. This customer loves the 4cm edge. Granite comes in 2 sizes, 2cm and 3cm. Most often the 2cm edge is doubled to make a 4cm edge. In inches 4cm is a nominal 1.5" and 3cm is a nominal 1.25". This extra little 1/4 inch can make quite a difference in the look of the thickness.

This kitchen also has a beautiful large stainless farmhouse sink and vegi counter sink. The stainless sinks add to the beauty of the kitchen. These sinks are 15 guage, however, the majority of my customers use 18 guage sinks and are pleased with the results. If you have a little extra money, the lower guage sink is a better quality.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rustic Chiseled Edge Blue Storm Granite

Can I just say WOW!!!! This job was fun and amazing!!! This kitchen shows off a 6cm chiseled edge in Blue Storm granite purchased from Carpets Plus in St. George! The accentuated wave of the chisel really gives this kitchen a look of natural stone being cut from the mountain and placed in this home.

This customer used a Blanco granite composite sink, and re-used their existing cooktop. They also shortened the bar overhang to increase the size of the dining area. A granite windowsill really topped off the finish in the kitchen.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Crema Bordeaux Granite with Tile Backsplash

This kitchen is done in Crema Bordeaux granite with a 3cm soft chiseled edge. This was a remodel, and the customer wanted to keep the beautiful existing tile backsplash. The removal crew carefully removed the existing tops, being careful to cut away at the tile backsplash. They measured carefully for heights for the installation of the granite.

When the granite was installed it lined up perfectly with with existing tile backsplash! The finishing touch of sanded caulk made the tile look like it was installed just for this kitchen!

Simply Perfection!

The large single bowl stainless steel sink is also a nice added touch to this kitchen. Single bowl sinks are great for large pans and dishes. They are becoming very popular. It adds beautifully to this kitchen.

Crema Bordeaux granite has soft creams and reds in the stone that blend beautifully with the Southern Utah landscape. Bringing this stone into the home adds a feel of nature and peace to the decor of the homes interior. The feel was exactly what this customer was looking for.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lapidus Kitchen Remodel

This first picture was the kitchen before the remodel!

This is after the remodel! These pictures were provided by the customer. She is sooo excited with the transformation of what she calls her '80's kitchen to today. She bought all new cabinetry, flooring, and countertops. We did the countertops, of course :-).  The countertops are 3cm Lapidus with a waterfall edge. Lapidus is one of my very favorite granite colors! The colors are all in the browns, and they go with just about everything. Lapidus also has a lot of movement, and is a very fun exotic stone. Worth the extra cost! The sink is an undermount Blanco granite composite sink.

I want to add that she will love the sink! I have had this same Blanco sink at my house for the last 6 years, and I love it as much today as the day I put it in! They are very scratch resistant, stain resistant, and withstand heat up to 536 degrees farenheit!

I would recommend doing a tile backsplash for this kitchen, which I think she is doing. Hopefully I get another picture of the tile splash and I will post it for everyone to see :).

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Unique Backsplash

It is so fun to do different backsplashes! This customer wanted the backsplash to resemble the beautiful mountain view out of their windows! They even custom painted their outlet covers to match the color of stone. Turned out fabulous country :)

Here in Southern Utah we have a lot of plateaus, which also make a very fun backsplash to mimic!

Doing the windowsill in the granite is also a nice touch, it ties in with the stone, and give a better shelf to decorate with!

Always be creative, and enjoy your countertops! Granite is awesome because it is custom :)