Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Amorello Ornamental 4cm Granite

Amorello Ornamental is a soft granite color that really goes with anything. It looks absolutely beautiful in this soft toned kitchen. This customer loves the 4cm edge. Granite comes in 2 sizes, 2cm and 3cm. Most often the 2cm edge is doubled to make a 4cm edge. In inches 4cm is a nominal 1.5" and 3cm is a nominal 1.25". This extra little 1/4 inch can make quite a difference in the look of the thickness.

This kitchen also has a beautiful large stainless farmhouse sink and vegi counter sink. The stainless sinks add to the beauty of the kitchen. These sinks are 15 guage, however, the majority of my customers use 18 guage sinks and are pleased with the results. If you have a little extra money, the lower guage sink is a better quality.