Monday, December 10, 2012

Vessel Bowls in Granite

I love the look of a beautiful vessel bowl on a granite countertop! This client wanted their bowl partially recessed. We carefully measured and recessed the bowl so that the faucet was just one inch over the bowl. It turned out stunning!

You can also put a vessel directly on the counter, and not recess it at all. When doing this, you will need to buy a faucet that is specifically for vessel sinks. This faucet will come much taller than a regular faucet. I have found the best place to find this type of faucet is online, or you have to special order them in at Lowes or Home Depot.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Granite Countertops with Corbels

Sometimes my customers really want granite countertops, but do not want corbels (the supports for the overhang). When 3cm granite overhangs over 8", we recommend the use of corbels. This generally occurs on islands, and peninsula overhangs. These corbels should be placed every 3 feet, and be supported at each end.

If no corbels are used, there is a chance of the granite breaking. Children love to hang and swing on the overhanging edge of a countertop. Or it is also a great place for "Uncle Joe" to half sit on while telling a great story.... whatever the case is, corbels really should be used.

This is a picture of a kitchen that we put the corbels in. Corbels can be wood, cast iron, or granite. This customer wanted wood corbels to match his oak cabinets. To save on money, we purchased pine corbels and stained them with an oak finish. They turned out beautiful, and the customer is happy, and saved money.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Getting Ready for Granite

We just got the job for a local hotel. We are excited to show you the progress as the front desk and prep area are completed. These first photos show the cabinets ready for granite! We will be showing the process and the completed work as it unfolds. We expect to have this project completed in 2.5 weeks :).

You can see the white templates on the cabinets, this is what we use to cut the granite. This customer has chosen Caesar Stone Baja Quartz. I highly recommend quartz for any commercial project because of the low maintenance. Quartz never needs to be sealed, and has all the benefits of granite. It is a mid-price stone to put in, but well worth it, especially in the commercial area :).