Thursday, April 26, 2012

Quartz vs. Granite

A question I often see repeated is what is the difference between quartz and granite?

Let me preface by saying that I do not prefer one over the other, they both are great, it depends on the customers needs.

That being said ... Quartz countertops are comprised primarily of quartz. They are man made and come in a large variety of colors. Quartz has several benefits such as that it does not need to be sealed, and it comes in a very uniform pattern. Both granite and quartz are very hard surfaces, which does not scratch or stain easily.

I have heard from several customers and reps that Quartz does not stain ... We have had quartz stain, but have been able to get the stains out with some hard work and diligence :)
Rain Forest Brown Marble

Chestnut Zodiaq Quartz
My personal opinion on Quartz vs. Granite is to look at the colors and what you want in the home. Granite has natural movements, veining, and variation to the stone, and comes in a wide variety of colors. Quartz, in general, is a very uniform pattern that also comes in many different colors. If you want a look of solid surface, with benefits of granite, Quartz is the product for you! If you want movement, natural stone, and variation, Granite is the product for you!

If price is an issue, Granite has a few basic colors such as Amorello Ornamental, Venetian Gold, and Tan Brown, that are the most economical. Quartz is affordable, but is a little more expensive then these basic granite colors. However, the pricing is generally in-line with the more exotic granite colors.

Fun Job showing Bright Quartz Colors

This stone is One-Quartz Mango and Fresh Linen 
We provide many options in both Granite and Quartz. Our Quartz manufacturers are Caesar Stone, Zodiaz, Cambria, Hanstone, One-Quartz, and Silestone. Granite can be found at our location, and at Contempo Tile and Dal-Tile in St. George. All these vendors are great, and I have not seen a benefit in one over the other.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


In this busy world, we at Stone Solutions, have thought of a new way to make shopping easier for you! We have added TILE to our new showroom! We are offering all of the same granite, quartz, and travertine, AND we have tile in ceramic, porcelain, travertine, and glass!

Developing the showroom has been so much fun! We have examples of showers with glass inlaid tiles, travertine with pebble floors, and modern 18x18 porcelain tiles with glass! It is spectacular and worth your time to come in and get ideas for your remodel project!

By having granite and tile in the same room allows you to match the colors easier with one convenient stop! Also, our pricing is super competitive and affordable so that your project can be completed within your budget allowance.

We have fun helping you design your remodel! Whether it be a contemporary feel with QUARTZ countertops, porcelain and glass flooring and backsplash, to a country home feel with travertine and granite throughout, we love helping you through the design process!

THANK YOU to Contempo Tile for contributing much of the tile for the showroom! Stephanie, Mark, and Chris are spectacular! If you find stone there that you love, we can offer the same great tile at the same great price!